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Newly Self-Employed

New to Self-Employment? Wondering what to do?

No problem! Making Tax Digital Accountants can

  • Answer ALL your questions.
  • Register you with HMRC.
  • Provide a simple record keeping solution.


There is a lot to consider when you become newly self-employed, such as record keeping, knowing what expenses you can claim for, understanding the taxes you are liable for, remembering when your tax return is due, the consequences of missed deadlines etc.

Making Tax Digital Accountants can answer any questions or concerns you may have. We will explain the basics of record keeping and what you can and can’t claim for. We will also explain the various taxes you may have to pay, including your self-employed stamp (class 2 NIC), the income tax rates and thresholds, and class 4 NIC rates and thresholds.

HMRC registration

We can complete all the necessary documentation on your behalf and register you with HMRC. Our procedures are designed to make the whole process simple and hassle free. Here’s how we work for you.

  • You provide us with your personal details, name, address, DOB, NIC number etc.
  • We complete all the relevant forms and email them to you for signature and return.
  • We submit the forms to the relevant department of HMRC.

If you have some questions that need answering, give us a call on 0800 870 8833. Initial consultations are free of charge.